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Catfish : Movie Review

“Catfish” Movie Review

It started with a picture. A 24-year-old man named Yaniv Schulman in New York photographs a scene in a ballet and it’s put into a magazine. An 8-year-old girl named Abby Pierce in Michigan takes his photo and paints an exact replica of it. She then sent the painting to him. He was very impressed and sent his next photograph to her. She replied with another beautiful painting. Nev’s older brother Ariel and his friend Henry Joost decided to create a film to document the correspondence.

“Catfish” watches over this communication through pictures and Nev’s occasional conversations with Abby’s mom, Angela. Directors Ariel and Henry follow Nev as he starts to become friends with the whole family through the popular social networking site, FaceBook. Also caught on film is Nev’s developing relationship with Abby’s 19-year-old sister Megan. The film was released in 2010 and then released to DVD and Blu-Ray January 4th 2011.

Nev and Megan fall in “love” over the Internet and spend a lot of time talking to each other. Over time they discover that Megan has been lying to Nev throughout the course their relationship which leads the three to question what other things Megan could have been lying about. The three decide to investigate and discover many more lies. They decide to take action and make a surprise visit to their home in Ishpeming, Michigan. Over the course of their visit they start to uncover the truth, which happens to be much bigger than what they expected and quite awkward as well. It really gets you thinking about how social networking can be. You can’t truly get to know someone just over the Internet. The movie really brings that to attention because the situation the people in the movie are put into is such a real life situation.

I really liked the idea behind the movie’s title. Towards the end of the movie, Angela’s husband, Vince, talks about how catfish were used in vats to keep cod active and agile. He related the catfish to people and said, “[T]here are those people who are catfish in life. And they keep you on your toes. They keep you guessing, they keep you fresh.” He says he’s thankful for the catfish in life because without them, life would just be boring and uneventful, lacking the excitement people really look for.

This is a movie I definitely recommend. At first it didn’t sound all that interesting to me but as I watched it and saw how the plot developed it was hard to shut it off. It’s a really shocking movie and the twists and turns it took really caught me off guard but it certainly kept me interested. It was just one of those “Catfish” movies that keep you on your toes and never leave you with a dull moment. The fact that it’s shot in a home video/documentary style makes everything seem a bit more realistic so it’s easier to connect or relate to what’s going on. Late teens and young adults will find this movie a much more entertaining than someone younger because it’s more relevant to the older generation, especially the FaceBook users.

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Catfish FreeWriting Day 3

WOW CRAZY!! haha >> idk i just would be completely creeped out in Nev's position but at the same time . . . i don't think i'd ever really be in the situation because i don't see myself initiating an online relationship or a long distance one. She fooled Vince for 9 months , he had NO clue what was going on at all. Angela apparently has schizophrenic personaltities . . . clearly . . . it was a really really good movie though, a LOT better than I thought it would be. But it's still really crazy i don't even know what to think about what's going on. I just can't imagine what is going through ANgela's mind. I feel like Vince had an idea of what's going on but Angela would lie and he'd get confused. But his catfish line was really deep . . . and i really liked it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catfish FreeWriting Day 2

YUCK!! hahah how embarassing . . . this whole entire time ~ Nev has been thinking he's talking to Megan when he's actually talking to Angela . . . they had dirty convos hahahahahaha >> but now Nev is getting the truth out . . . Abby doesn't paint Angela does, Megan does exist but Nev has never talked to her >> the whole time Nev has been talking to Angela . . . the guys investigated the farm where Megan supposedly lived and there was nothing there . . . Now Anegla is admitting to all of the things she was lying about . . . how awkward to have to admit you were doing that to someone to their face haha >> and Angela is making Abby lie . . . how horrible ./ . . BAD SITUATION!!

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Catfish FreeWriting

wow . . . haha this movie . . . well idk it's kinda cool that Abby painting his photo and what not and sent him the painting. it's cool but if i was in that situation i probably just would have said hey thanks that's cool but i would have left it at that haha. i would feel weird corresponding with an 8 year old. then he started getting involved with her sister. i think thats weird too . . . i would rather spend time getting to know someone i know personally . . . yep . . . but WHOA crazy they are being LIED to!! what a twist on this movie YIKES!! it's interesting though haha ~ they basically just started sending him songs that other people have done and then they lied about Abby having a gallery and basically this whole time they have been lying to Nev . . . poor kid ~ but he got really involved haha >> i dont think i would have gotten that involved with someone i met online >> but if i found out they were lying id be like . . . wow that sucks they lie and then id like stop talking to them or i would just like idk haha its whatever but weird >> and Angela . . . is weird . . . i dont understand why her pictures are all like ohh hayy but yep bye